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4G LTE networks have come a long way since the 3G days. It is not uncommon to have a 4G connection that can provide tens of mega bits per second down link throughput and several mega bits per second uplink throughput. Even though these numbers are much lower than what theoretical 4G promised, it is still impressive specs provided that you may not be able to get similar rates from a wired broadband connection depending on your location.

So we will look into some of the use cases that 4G routers might be a good solutions. We will also highlight some of the potential shortcomings of a 4G router for certain applications. Overall, we would like to dive deep into the aspects that matter when choosing a 4G router. Let’s begin:

First start with some facts about 4G networks that may not be apparent immediately. Even though there has been dramatic improvements in the cost of bandwidth in 4G networks in recent years, expect to pay $5 or more per GB of data with 4G LTE networks. There are some unlimited service options, but if you dig deeper into the fine print, in majority of cases, they are not real unlimited (as they would throttle your rate down after certain amount of usage). With that in mind it is a good rule of thumb to plan for $5 to $10 per GB bandwidth cost.

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