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Importance Of Fleet Management in Cargo Business.

If you work in the cargo industry, then you have already experienced the daunting challenge of keeping smooth the flow of your supply chain.  You also know that few minutes unnecessarily lost could demarcate the line between success and failure. Few minutes lost daily could make tens of workdays if gathered over a year.

Suppose you tolerate 10 minutes a day by one driver. Calculate this over one year, you will have lost at least 6.5 workdays. If you manage 25 trucks then the 10 minutes would make 162 workdays a year.

This is more than just time wasting, it is rather a decline in business efficiency, a rise in operational costs, and ultimately profits go away.

In the modern market, there is no way to manage your fleet by the old means, i.e. books, calculators, and phone calls. Fleet Management System (FMS) will enhance the security and productivity of your fleet and the efficiency of your investment.

Benefits of Auto Fleet Management for Shipping Business

There are many benefits of auto fleet management. Few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Reduces the operational costs.
  2. Speeds up invoicing and reports and makes it more accurate.
  3. Cargo and containers are always heading to the right destination, no risk of loss or misplacement.
  4. Efficient dispatch in terms of time and cost.
  5. Helps to increase trucks utilization.
  6. Enhances the trustworthiness of the company services.
  7. Reduces the risks of cargo theft or delivery delay.
  8. With Eagle-I you can enjoy an optimized route management, which improve significantly the daily operations in terms of cost and productivity.

If you are looking to improve your shipping business, Eagle-I is the ideal system to consider.

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