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Eagle – i Mobile Applications

Digital Myth Solutions have revamped its Eagle-I mobile applications for better experience and full control over your fleet. Now apart from basic tracking, you can do a lot more. Whether you are an owner of a single car or you are supervising a huge fleet, Eagle-I mobile application will always be your choice as it gives you:

  • Complete list of vehicles along with their current status
  • List filtering option, easily filter your list as per site, category, ignition status or communication status
  • Dynamic Search
  • Live track of single asset as well as group of assets
  • Google MAP and Google SATELLITE option
  • History Playback
  • Forget where you parked your car, just use ‘Take-me-to-my-Car’
  • Call Driver Option, no need to save numbers in your phone book
  • Receive notifications while on the go (option to assign notifications)
  • Driver Scorecard
  • Create and assign geofences
  • Reporting Module
  • View Pre-loading Reports, save as PDF, and share by email, WhatsApp etc.
  • Complete Service/Renewal Module, get an overview of your fleet expenses along with upcoming schedules
    • Create and Update Maintenance Logs
    • Create and Update Renewal Logs
    • Create and Update Fuel Logs
    • Create and Update Accident Logs


The Eagle-I mobile apps are available for both android and iOS, and you can use them in either English or Arabic.



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