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Monthly traffic report: 58 million trips during the month of May 2018 on the roads of the Kingdom



According to the monthly report published by Ministry of Transport, an up rise of 5.2% can be seen in traffic.  In April 2018, 55 million trips were recorded on the roads of Kingdom which has been increased to 58 million in May 2018. The total length of the road is estimated to be 68,000 km. In May 2018, the traffic monitoring units on Kingdom’s road network has been increased to 216 than as compared to May 2017 when they were 142.

Makkah: The Highest Traffic Area

As per the report, the Makkah region is densely populated region in terms of traffic in the Kingdom, with 25.3 million trips, followed by the Eastern Province with a total of 14.1 million trips.

Makkah Road – Jeddah (Al Haramain): Most Travelled Zone

The report shows that the most densely populated route is Makkah Al Mukarramah – Jeddah (Al Haramain HWY) with a total of 2.8 million trips with an average of 85,256 vehicles and 6,356 truck, followed by Jeddah – Makkah (Al Haramain HWY) with a total of 2.4 million trips with an average of 72,226 vehicles and 7,956 trucks.

Riyadh-Bisha highway: Highest over speeding Rate

Vehicles are allowed to travel at the speeding of 140 km / h whereas truck with an average of 100 km/h.  But 46% of the cars have been over speeding at Riyadh-Bisha highway making it the most over speeding road for cars. Whereas 70% of trucks have been over speeding at Al-Wajh to Umluj road.

Al-Qassim-Riyadh Entrance: Highest Daily Traffic

88,000 vehicles have been entering Riyadh from Al-Qassim HWY on daily basis making it the highest movement of cars passing from this road. Whereas a total of more than 49 thousand vehicles are passing through the entrance of Makkaha from Jeddah on daily basis.

As per the report on traffic control on road transformations in Riyadh city, it was found that the highest average traffic was recorded on each of the transformer located after the Diwan tunnel to the west with an average of 26,000 vehicles per day. To the airport road with an average of more than 25,000 vehicles per day. As for Al-Uyoun-Al-Uqair road in the Eastern Province, the average traffic recorded was more than 540 vehicles per day.

This report can serve as the basis for the expansion plan of road network and can be used to analyze the traffic while calculating the number of accidents and the rate of speed. In addition, this report can also help in determining the required technical interventions on the road. Which can further help the related authorities to improve the road safety and prioritize the maintenance of densely populated roads.

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