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How fleet management system (FMS) benefits cold chain shipping?

Food shipping is a field of daily challenges. In November 2016, the authorities stopped 25 truckloads of rotten chicken before it arrived to the market. It was said that the shipments were initially loaded in a good condition, but the trucks were not equipped sufficiently for such sensitive materials. In addition to this, the trucks were left several days without active monitoring, where the inside temperature was not properly controlled.

This loss was significant. First the value of the shipment, which was estimated at SR 5M, then the large fine imposed by the authorities, and finally the shipper’s reputation that had been completely damaged.

This ordeal could have been avoided if the shipper has gone the right way, i.e. having a fleet management system (FMS) which includes temperature monitoring.

Food shipping requires extra precautions throughout all aspects of the shipment in order to ensure the safe and on time delivery of the materials. Some fleet managers will think it is OK to have dedicated refrigerators in trucks, which will be running all the time while shipment is on-board. This argument looks convincing. In fact, it is not, or at least it does not tell the whole story. Food shipping accuracy is more than just having a cooling system installed on the truck. It rather requires a network of temperature sensors installed across the container to ensure that each part of the container is having the right temperature.

The fleet management system allows the fleet manager to see the real-time temperature data and receive alerts if anything went wrong. With such a system you have everything under control.

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