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Running passenger buses? See how Eagle-I improve your operations

Your buses run the same route day after day. Everything is going as usual.  This is what you think, at least in theory. You might ask your drivers at the end of the day, and they tell you that everything went fine as usual, i.e. they took the prescribed routes and made all the necessary pickups, pit stops, etc.

This looks like a simple truth, until you connect your buses to the Fleet Management System (FMS), where you will find out a different reality.

We are not indicating the credibility of the drivers. The issue at stake here is whether your business is efficient or not. We claim that unless you have an Auto Fleet Management System, you hardly identify the issues causing your operations to be costly and less profit-making.

There is a world of benefits available in such a system, each of which contributes to make your business better and brighter.

Here we list a few of them:

Monitor Driver Behavior

Fleet Management Systems (FMS) help you to identify a score of mistakes made by the drivers, not always intentionally. Some mistakes are serious and require immediate initiative to remain on the safe side. Examples include:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Over Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Skipping mandatory Stops
  • Making Unscheduled Stops

Eagle-I is configured to generate and send a notification once any of the above incidents has occurred.

Security Measures

In April 2016 a child died in Jeddah after he was locked in the school bus in a very hot day. The tragedy recalls a number of similar incidents involving kids left blocked in hot cars for hours. The main reason, it was said, is that the kids fell asleep and the driver locked the car doors without paying a look to the seats in the back of the bus. Such an incident is dealt with very seriously. The authorities impose heavy penalties, including imprisonment and financial fine, on both the driver and bus owner.

Eagle–I has come up with a simple, hence smart method to avoid such incidents. The bus engine can shut down only after pushing a special button installed at the end of the bus. This means that the driver has to go to the end of the bus, close the button there, and then come back to his seat to switch off the engine.

Other than this, Eagle-I has other modules addressing student transportation, workers transportation, and passenger transportation in general.

Stop on Time, Move on Time

Observing the schedule of boarding/deboarding has been a longtime agony for both passengers and transport companies. Hardly found a bus that sticks exactly to the preset timetable. On the other side passengers, especially school children or their parents have sometimes to wait their bus under the heating sun.

Eagle-I offers a complete solution to this issue. Through its mobile App, Passengers and parents can see the bus coming on the map, and know exactly its arrival time.

If the delays are caused by unexpected traffic, then we have another solution, i.e. the Route Optimization module, a strong search engine dedicated to discover the best route. This smart module will help the bus driver to avoid the slow routes before and during his move.


Looking for more information? We are here to help.

Please write us at  news@dms-ksa.com

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