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Future of Tesla in 2021

For the first time in history, electric car maker company Tesla will open its factory named as “Gigafactory” outside the United States. In conformity with the agreement signed with Chinese Officials, this factory will be built in Shanghai. According to the statement released by company’s official this factory will be state of the art vehicle factory which is expected to be producing 500,000 vehicles within five years of construction.

PA consultancy revealed its new ranking for analyzing the future of e-mobility performance. It is predicted that in 2019 Tesla will be the most selling electric car company but in 2021 it will be not in the same league. As German car maker company Daimler which is fifth in ranking will be the leading electric car company following by BMW, Renault/ Nissan/ Mitsubishi, VW will be at second, third, fourth ranking while Tesla will rank to seventh. It is said Tesla will face this doubtful future due to the production problems in Model 3 and its profit expectation however Tesla may be able to overcome these problems after signing their new agreement of opening Gigafatory in China

Success factors used for ranking cars

For ranking the car maker’s e-mobility performance PA consultancy scored six key success factors out of 100

  1. Technology and strategy (model portfolio and technology roadmap) – 30% weighting factor
  2. Battery technology (cost position and technology maturity) – 20% weighting factor
  3. Culture and incentives (leadership and incentive system) – 10% weighting factor
  4. Supplier network (value chain integration) – 15% weighting factor
  5. Ecosystem and partners (charging technology and third-party services) – 15% weighting factor
  6. Financial performance (EBIT as e-mobility investment indication) – 10% weighting factor


Future mobility performance score – 2019 vs. 2021


Car maker  

Future mobility score 2019

Rank in 2019  

Future mobility score 2021

Rank in 2021
Tesla 82 1 81 7


79 2 85 3
BMW 78 3 87 2
Hyundai Kia 72 4 79 8
Daimler 71 5 88 1
Volvo 70 6 83 5
Volkswagen 69 7 84 4
Toyota 66 8 82 6
General Motors 62 9 68 10
Jaguar/Land Rover 60 10 75 9
PSA/Citroen/Opel 58 11 66 11
Ford 45 12 61 12
Fiat Chrysler 30 13 41 13

As said by Thomas Goettle, head of automotive at PA Consulting: “Achieving  targets and improving car makers’ future mobility performance score go hand in hand. However, this call to action will come with a huge impact on the companies’ staff resources. Our research shows that the roles of 267,000 employees at 16 brands across Europe will be under threat, of which 141,000 employees may need re-qualification – all within the next decade.”

Thomas continues: “To improve their future mobility performance score and meet  targets by 2021, car makers should not only accelerate and realign their new product development, they need to consider value creation in their supply chain and increase sales by customer focus.”

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