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Green Driving… 80 % hike in fuel prices: What to do?

The widely used mode of transportation in Saudi Arabia is private cars. With the new fuel rates, every car owner is now concerned over the use of fuel. This article and the points that are mentioned below are both applicable and useful for personal car owners, and fleet owners. Following are few of the things that can help in saving the fuel:

1-  Track your cars

Most of the private cars are being driven by hired drivers. They are supposed to perform their jobs in most efficient manner, but on the contrary, there are a few things that are the cause of fuel wastage:

  • Using the car for personal use, without your consent
  • Relaxing in the car with AC on while waiting
  • Making harsh cornering, acceleration and braking

Once you start tracking your car, you will be able to find out how much kilometers were driven in a day which were not part of your routine and you were paying for it, because you had no track record. Secondly, it will help you identify the time the vehicle was kept ON, which was totally not required. Thirdly and most importantly it will help you identify the behavior of your driver on the road. Over speeding, accelerating the car at high rev’s, pushing brake pedal harshly and taking turns while on speed, all of these factors affect the fuel consumption.  By monitoring these things, you will not only save money but you will also save your family. It will also reduce your maintenance cost.

2-  Take most appropriate route

Shortest route is not always the most efficient route. Before starting your journey, make an overview of the road conditions, number of turns, speed limits, speed breakers and signals. Choose a route which will keep your vehicle moving at steady speed. This will increase your car’s fuel average and your brakes and transmission will last longer. Checking traffic on Google Map ® is always a good idea.

3-  Keep a check on your tires

Car performance is directly linked to your car’s tires. Properly inflated and maintained tires will not only save fuel but will also keep you and your family safe on the road. You can install tire pressure monitoring system which will keep you updated on tires’ pressure on the road.

4-  Periodic maintenance is a must

Religiously follow your car’s maintenance routines. Engine inspection, oil change, filter replacement on time will drastically improve the fuel consumption of the car. Choose a tracking system that will provide you a facility to assign periodic or distance based alerts for maintenance of your car, so that you may never forget when to take your car to workshop.

5-  Score your drivers

All the efforts you can do, eventually comes in the hands of the drivers. So, the best practice is to score their performance in terms of distance travelled, idling time and driving behavior. Giving incentives to the good ones will encourage them to act more proficiently while on road.

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