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Saudi Arabia: Fuel Consumption up, car imports down

According to Riyadh-based Al-Iqtesadia daily , the consumption of gasoline has risen to 208 Million barrel in 2017, %2.3 more than 2016.

This came against speculations that fuel consumption would drop down after prices soared up between 83 and 127%. The car imports have also dropped by 33%.  The Kingdom imported 1.27 million cars in 2015, falling to 897.7 thousand in 2016 and then 605.8 thousand in 2017.

According to SAMA, the value of gasoline consumed in 2017 was estimated at 51.63 billion Saudi Riyals.

A report by The California Energy Commission  suggests that speed control alone could save up to 13% of fuel consumed. With the other controllers in the smart fleet management systems such as Eagle-I, the fuel saving can be 24% in total.  

The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center said that energy consumption in the country exceeds the world average. The reason, as the center says, is the poor fuel efficiency in vehicles, which is defined as 12 km/liter of fuel, compared to 13 km in the United States, 15 km in China, and 18 km in Europe.
The center has prepared the Saudi Fuel Economy standard in November 2013. The fuel economy card for new vehicles has been introduced from 2015 onwards. It aims to improve the energy efficiency of light vehicles coming into the Kingdom.

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