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Does your maintenance costs out-of-pocket?

Keeping your fleet assets on the road is the goal of any organization. To maintain the cost for managing fleet one should keep an eye on the maintenance of assets to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. But what does one should do to keep its fleet in shape?

While planning for reducing the maintenance cost of assets, an efficacious strategy is to keep the track of the lifespan of the vehicle before its breakdown. Properly maintained vehicle has less chances of ad-hoc downtime and repairs. This may include oil changes, tire inspection, checking the condition of the engine or other components, general vehicle safety checks after an optimum time interval.


Maintenance checklist

  1. Regular oil change since it can increase the life of your vehicle
  2. Examine your car’s light beforehand to avoid inconvenience at a road.  
  3. Make sure to inspect brakes regularly for your safety
  4. Check your vehicle alignment regularly to increase the lifespan of the tire
  5. Regularly check the pressure of tire as the properly inflated tire can ensure the better gasoline mileage.
  6. Inspect for any leakage.

Always ask your driver, as they can understand the need of vehicle more than anyone. He better understands the required maintenance of the vehicle. But the best word of advice one can give is to manage your maintenance tasks with specified maintenance software programs. These programs are specially designed to schedule and track all the maintenance needs by providing important data about mileage, prior maintenance dates etc. Taking into account the maintenance, Eagle-I offers a designated module known as ‘maintenance and service’ module, which is not only capable of evaluating assets’ performance but can also distinguish between your over and under-utilized asset helping you decide about your asset. Eagle-I has built-in alerts, which can notify you when your maintenance is due. That will help you be ardent in maintaining your fleet

Wants to know more about our maintenance and service module? Please call Mr. Jamal +966 56 638 7859 or write us at news@dms-ksa.com.




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