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Indoor mapping- Future of technology

With the advancement in technology our traditional ways of using map has been redefined. Traditionally we used to have our focus on starting and ending point on map but with new advancements in technology one step further is possible i.e. now we can get real time data happening in our establishment too.

What is indoor mapping?

It is untimely to demand the definition of indoor mapping since this concept is in a revolutionary state. But in a broader sense indoor mapping can be defined as a concept originated as a result in advancements of IOT, business intelligence, Bluetooth low energy and geomarketing. It handles real-time data and location intelligence tools for better coordination between space and other resources with concerned facilities. Which is then translated into user friendly real time map.  A real time data is delivered through interactive dashboards.

Initially this concept was only accessible through the use of beacons, lasers, emitters and scanner but thanks to ongoing research now it can also be accessed using Android phones. It does not endeavor to picturize all the surrounding, user is travelling; but only makes traces of static location when you are using relevant app and allows other users to excess them in future. While using on android phones you do not require anything additional but it uses the sensors already available in phone such as accelerometer (for counting steps), magnetometer ( to sense the general area where one is starting).

It will be beneficial for people in finding the desired place at an unfamiliar building but it will be more useful for visually impaired people, deaf or language disability, helping them in navigating a place where they have never been

It can be implemented organizations, merchandising locations, educational facilities, airports, hospitals, malls and more; enabling the users to see and share where offices, assets, rooms, departure gates and arrival gates are.

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