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4 tips to improve the safety of your fleet

As per the statement released by the Ministry of Transport, mortality in road accidents are 20 persons a day on average which is very high by all means. A traffic accident on the roads of Saudi Arabia every minute causes a financial loss of SR20 billion annually which is equivalent to about 16.2% of the country’s total budget for health services in 2015. Many of these incidents happen during the workday and involve employees driving company vehicles and conducting company business.

It is the top priority of any organization to take preventive actions to ensure the safety of their fleet. Fleet safety not only includes the safety of your fleet drivers but the safety of your fleet vehicles too.  

How to improve fleet safety?

Here are four tips for improving the fleet safety and minimizing the risk exposure:

  • Stay informed about your drivers activity

The first step to safer fleet is to know what your drivers are up-to. Eagle-I allots a unique Driver identification key for each individual driver. So whenever the driver switch on the ignition of vehicle, you know who is driving it.

  • Monitor Driver Behavior

Eagle-I offers you to have an insight of drivers’ behavior while he is on the road. You can keep an eye on the seat belt, usage vehicle speed, acceleration, harsh braking, and aggressive cornering for each of your drivers.

  • Reward safe driver

A solution that features a Driver Scorecard (such as the one offered by Eagle-i) measures KPIs and safe driving metrics accurately. Our driver score card is capable of indicating the shortcoming of driver. Drivers can be ranked against each other. Healthy competition can lead to safer driving efforts across the team. Moreover you can appreciate for safe driving or reprimand for violations. In case of accident, you can access the report manifesting speed, time, g-force data and can see the incident’s reconstruction. This can save you cost of accident claims.

  • Improve Vehicles Maintenance Process

A properly maintained vehicle is a safer vehicle. Skipping the regular maintenance may penny save you for short period of time but in the long run it will definitely cost you more. Eagle-I provides you the insight of scheduled maintenance. Preventive maintenance ensures the vehicle has been inspected for brakes, tire tread depth and fluid levels. It reduces the possibility of unforeseen breakdown that could negatively impact both the safety of your fleet and reputation of your organization.


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