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Mobile app blessing in a disguise

When your fleet is operational it is difficult to keep a track of them. Fleets are mobile in nature.  So it is out of question to manage their information at desk only. Foregoing the development of mobile apps, one used to buy expensive high tech software to track less features. However with the advancement in technology, mobile apps have been developed providing cost-efficient solution offering more features. Mobile app is the need of an hour where you can always access your desired information no matter where you are. That’s why we developed Eagle-I, a native mobile app available for both android and iOS phones.



It allows it’s users to handle all fleet management tasks with a single click on your mobile screens. Once installed, it allows you to track your driver’s location and displays a visual pin pointed location on map. With this information in hand you can improve your customer service by being able to truthfully answer about expected delivery time which helps in increase in productivity and reliability. Our app not only offers live tracking but it offers dynamic search, driver’s scorecard, call driver option without saving their numbers on cellphones, creating and assessing geofences. Wants to know more, read here!

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