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Why fleet management is important for business owners?


When you are in a services business, loyalty of customer cannot be achieved with your product or service only but also by acknowledging the importance of their time rightly. Your customer may have taken time off from his busy schedule to meet your sales team but what if, your sale force doesn’t reach at time. Late arrivals of your sale force can negatively impact on your clientele.

If your company has a sales force then fleet management software is an important tool in improving your visibility, helping you in making an important decisions about your sales team.

Fleet management software allows you to stay on top of your sales team by knowing where they are, what they are doing without contacting them.

Eagle-I offers unique vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions considering the needs of its customers. You can now track the live location of your sales team no matter where they are.


Benefits of using Eagle-I

  1. Teams can be categorized for better supervision and management

2. Access of complete track available with time

3. Gain the insight of your sales-team with geofencing. While using geofencing you can calculate the effective working hours by making use of following information

  • Starting time.
  • Arrival at client’s office.
  • Time spent with each client.
  • Time spent idling.
  • Time spent on road.
  • End time.

4. Access the number of visits made for each client in a period of month or a year etc. which will help you in detecting the unvisited clients. You can also set notification alert for each visit to specific client

5. Driver identification and authorization

6. Sales team driving behavior can be monitored

7.Team Scorecard can give the overview of the performance of each team member in terms of trips made, distance travelled and violations

8. Rating and performance comparison over a period of 12 months

9. Ensuring driver safety by monitoring seatbelt

10. Work load management

11. Tracking of whole team on a single map view, and optimization of work assignment accordingly

12. Exportable and printable reports for each vehicle as well as group of vehicles

13. Notifications for vehicle maintenance (Oil Change, Tire Change, Engine service etc.) and related renewals (Vehicle registration, insurance etc.) (Periodic / Distance based)

14. Invoice management system (Services, renewals and fuel logs)

15. Financial Summary report (expenses incurred for each vehicle, in terms of services, renewals and fuel)


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