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Are you using the rightsized fleet?

As per the survey conducted by Arval in the UK on 3,718 companies in 2018, 17% of the companies have changed the size of their fleet in past year. Following the research of the Arval’s Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer 8% of the companies had chosen bigger vehicles while 9% had chosen smaller vehicles than they required. The trends were different for smaller and larger fleets. Companies with fewer than 10 vehicles are leading the way with a switch to larger vans, while fleets with more than 50 vehicles are opting to downsize.

According to the head of Arval’s Corporate Vehicle Observatory, said: Rightsizing works both ways. Wrong fleet size is both inefficient, and can even be unsafe, to use a smaller vehicle for a job that really needs a bigger van and vice versa. This is because of factors such as optimizing the payload and maximizing fuel consumption.

The fleet owners who have opted Eagle-I solution can easily decide the right size for their fleet as eagle-I provides the detailed information and complete comparison of your fleet utilization.


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