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Idling may be costing you more than you think.

In an industry where fleet optimization can be the difference between profit and loss, the proper monitoring tool can make or break business operations. Idling vehicle is costing you more than you think. Idling is defined as running of vehicle’s engine without travelling any distance. Unnecessary idling wastes fuel and increases the maintenance cost.

With the increase in fuel cost, the top goal of every fleet manager is to reduce the idling time. Not only it will help you financially by consuming less fuel but it will also be environmental friendly since less harmful chemicals will be emitted.  Reducing idling is of paramount importance for more than one reason. Here are some reasons to help you in reducing idling

  1. Every hour of an idling has an effect on engine which in turn shortens the life of engine and requires more maintenance, increasing the fleet cost without providing revenue.
  2. An idle vehicle cause twice the wear and tear to the internal components than driving at normal speed.
  3. An idling vehicle does not operate at its optimal temperature which leads to the partial burning of fuel leaving the buildup residue behind. This buildup residue is harmful for engine components.
  4. Idling vehicle not only wastes the fuel and damages the engine, in fact it contributes the unnecessary pollution of the environment which can be avoided by turning off engine instead.
  5. A study in 2011 shows that excessive idling played an important role in upraise of fuel cost. Moreover, the number of productive hours wasted and amount of resources drained are of such a huge value that it is hard to calculate.

How does eagle –I works to reduce idle time?


Eagle-I offers a unique solution to lower idle time and manage your vehicles and their drivers. Some of the features are listed below.

  1. Reporting Module – Eagle-I has rich and intuitive reporting module which can generate reports related to number of idling hours, not only for your single asset but also for your whole fleet for better comparison and RoI calculation.
  2. Notification Panel – You can receive notifications via email and eagle-I dedicated mobile applications when any vehicle is idle over a specific period of time.
  3. Driver Scorecard – Eagle-I considers idling as one of the major parameters of calculating a driver’s performance. The more number of hours wasted in terms of idling, the lesser score a driver gets.


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