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V2X vehicular Communication in case of danger

For the first time in Segovia, Spain, SEAT has presented the demonstration of communication between a vehicle and road infrastructure by using 5G technological cities in collaboration with Telefónica. According to this test show, the road infrastructure can communicate with vehicles in case of perils or changing in current condition by using existing mobile network. This is considered as a first step towards V2X (Vehicle 2 everything) vehicular communication

This trial was performed by using SEAT Ateca which was modified to issue alerts to the driver through instrumental panels and MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) server by Nokia for providing platform for communication between a vehicle and road infrastructure.

Ateca was tested under two changing conditions

   1. When, the pedestrian is in crossway

If the pedestrian is in a blind spot or if the driver intends to turn then an alert is displayed in instrumental panel informing the driver about the pedestrian in a crosswalk.

    2. When, the traffic light is about to change

According to the speed, distance and location the vehicle had to decide that whether it is safe to cross the intersection and if not then an alert was displayed on an instrumental panel for the driver to stop the car.

Both these cases were based on regular cellular vehicle-to-everything(C-V2X) protocols. This test shows the potential to combine C-V2X protocol with the information gathered by additional sensors, such as a camera installed on a traffic light that detects pedestrians, to provide information about the surroundings of the vehicle and to increase road safety


Source: Seat


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