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How to keep your Child’s School Journey Safe?

According to a survey conducted in 2017, 6.1 million students are attending school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the recent hike in fuel prices, a general trend has been observed in which parents are shifting their children from private vehicles to school buses. But as a parent or a school administration wouldn’t you like to know where the school bus is or how the driver is driving a school bus?

For ensuring the safety of students, the Education Department of Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory to track the movement of all school buses in Eastern Province. Using a GPS tracker in a school bus is beneficial for both the school system and parents of the children who ride the bus.

Now with Eagle-i tracking system, you can not only track the exact location of pick-up and drop off but it also offers real time monitoring, mobile app for its users to know the exact departure and arrival time, RFID option to track the student while entering or leaving the bus and emails and push notifications in case of emergencies, over speeding, harsh turning etc.

Eagle-I installs GPS trackers on each bus which enables the school administration and parents to know where the bus is, which route has been chosen, how much fuel has been consumed ( by route optimization, fuel costs can be cut down) as well as driver behavior is also monitored.

Eagle-I mobile app is designed keeping in view the ease of with just one click installation on mobile phones. It also provides a web portal access to parents and schools for tracking buses on map in real time. It also offers smart route detection via its route optimization module. Parents can directly call bus drivers from mobile app and can get desired info.

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