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Preventive maintenance: A new trend in Fleet Maintenance

We are going through an era where each day reveals a new advancement in technology. Companies are now focusing to deliver their products via drones, robots. Recently, the last mile, delivery provider of Amazon implemented an A.I based solution known as Driveroo.  It is the proactive auto care service platform which utilizes the knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the preventive maintenance. The mobile app of Driveroo is in partnership with auto service providers to ease the process of automotive care, maintenance and inspections.

With the developments of such apps one will be able to predict the preventive maintenance before the issue arise. Preventive maintenance is generally economical and budget friendly than an emergency repair. Preventive maintenance tools keeps the track of condition and performance of in-service assets to minimize the frequency of probable malfunctioning.

Such apps capable of predictive maintenance will be of significance importance for fleet owners who tend to face difficulties when fleet vehicles are taken out unexpectedly for maintenance.

Some of the advantages of preventive maintenance of vehicles are mentioned below

  1. Reduced maintenance cost
  2. Minimizes vehicle downtime and maximizes the uptime
  3. Decreases fuel cost
  4. Increased safety

Amazon has set a new benchmark for fleet management solution providers. Since Eagle-I is a continuously evolving platform which is readily accepting the new market trends, is all determined to reach the new heights in telematics industry.


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