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Fleet management system vs Vehicle tracking system

Are you getting what you are paying for? Do you know the difference between Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management System? It is important to get as much information as possible as most of the solutions merchandised as fleet management systems are indeed vehicle tracking system with trivial changes.

Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system is basically a single module of fleet management system or you can say it is a subset of the whole fleet management solution. It is a hardware dependent system which integrates the installation of GPS tracking device with the specifically designed computer software. Such tracking system enables the owner to track the vehicle’s location, speed, ignition status etc. This information is represented on maps, charts, and tables.

Fleet management system

A fleet management system is a comprehensive term that explains the management of the company’s fleet – vehicles, machines, and drivers. It consists of different modules such as tracking, analytics, maintenance and renewal, route monitoring and route optimization reporting etc.

The foremost reason to opt for the fleet management system is to increase the overall fleet efficiency and to cut the cost. For that, your system should provide you with adequate tools for performance measurement. It can only be done using the fleet Management System rather a conventional tracking system.

Digital Myth Solutions’ Eagle-I is not just a vehicle tracking system but it is a fleet management solution. Which means apart from tracking it gives you a lot more while being light on your pocket:

  1. Dashboard Analytics

Eagle-I provides dashboard analytics which provides tools that are directly related to your asset. It works on three axes i.e. timeline, the comparison between assets and cumulative performance among branches. Performance of your assets can be measured in terms of distance traveled, hour plied, and the number of trips made.

Eagle-I also provides the tool to measure the drivers’ performance in terms of scorecard which generates information of driver behavior. Driver’s scorecard can be generated using a driver identification system which gives you a comprehensive performance of the driver irrespective of which vehicle he has driven. When you have a fleet management system that is capable of monitoring the driver’s behavior, your drivers will act more responsibly and efficiently.

  1. Maintenance & Renewal mode

Maintenance & renewal mode of Eagle-I is capable of evaluating

  • Asset’s performance
  • Cost spend on asset’s performance
  • Under and over utilized assets

This module will help you in timely replacement of vehicle based on above-described factors. It is beneficial for companies in cost reduction as they can timely retire the aged fleet and new asset can be bought in the working cycle.

  1. Route monitoring and route optimization

With the help of this module, routes can be optimized, efficient routes can be designed and implemented which can help the fleet manager in making better use of employee’s time because of the ability to track working hours of driver and route chosen.

  1. Intelligent notification system

Dedicating your staff to monitor your fleet 24/7 is not an efficient approach. For this, we offer intelligent notification system that will notify you once there is a deviation from the desired operation. So you can indulge your staff at any other task

  1. Reporting module

Comprehensive reports can be generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis which will help in making the desired change in your operations.


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