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Future of telematics: An AI based Fleet management platform

For a progressive cred, organizations are shifting from combustion cars to greener alternatives trending to adopt customized mobility solution rather than the traditional one. These alternatives offer the multi-model range of transport e.g. electric cars, e-bikes, e-scooters. With the increase in the spectrum of transport, it becomes challenging for fleet managers to manage the cost and utility, meeting the business needs with existing telematics solutions. In this situation, Artificial Intelligence seems to be the only solution for an increasingly complex fleet.  For the fleet managers to stay on the top they need to use machine learning technology.

According to the research conducted in Europe, in the next five years, 30% of the current annual budget of European business spent on combust cars will be shifted to other options. Fleet management solution needs to build a fully automated system capable of importing, ingesting and processing unstructured data of invoices and other documents from multiple languages for fleet managers. Which, will save a lot of time than to be done manually.

This is only possible when AI systems will be developed. These AI system should be capable enough to decide which vehicle should be used by looking at the type of vehicle and mileage. Implementation of such solutions will help the shift of combustion cars in the coming five years. When the variety of fleet assets will increase, then a platform capable of managing cost, compliance, the policy will be essential.

Since Eagle-I is a continuously evolving platform which is readily accepting the new market trends, is all determined to develop an AI-based platform to reach the new heights in the telematics industry.


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