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Ventura County saved $160K in Fuel Costs by Reducing Idling time.

Recently, the fleet managed by Ventura County,, California, saved fuel cost of $160,000 per year by reducing the idling of their vehicle. According to the deputy director of the fleet, they educated their drivers about the economic cost effects an engine might have to bear along with the effects of idling on the environment. One change which seemed to be small ended up being enormous.

Since one hour of engine idling can burn a gallon of gas. When an engine is idle, it has low RPM which causes low oil pressure. Due to this low oil pressure, enough heat to burn the soot out, from the emission system waste stream of a car, is not produced; which in turn prevents the pollution control system of the car to work properly causing adverse effects on the environment and affecting the efficiency of the engine.

However, the most effective and reliable method to reduce idling is by the use of Global positioning system telematics in a car which can determine the idling hours of a vehicle and can notify by sending emails.   



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