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Telematics system still needs to be explored and utilized!

For a while, a boom has been seen where transportation companies have overwhelmingly adopted to telematics technology and fleet management system. But according to a new survey, most of the fleet utilizing the telematics are lacking their full potential.

Recently, Teletrac Navman conducted a survey on 2,400 fleets around the globe. This survey included fleet from all sizes and government to the private sector. Telematics Benchmark Report: U.S. Edition reported despite 77% of the fleets were using telematics to track their asset most of them failed to avail the benefits of the system.

According to the survey, some specialties of telematics have been less widely used in 2018 as compared to the results of last year’s survey. For example, only 30% of those surveyed are now using telematics to track maintenance needs which are 10% less from last year. Similarly, monitoring of vehicle’s speed (18% decreased) and harsh breaking (12% decreased) have been relatively less used this year.

Forty-six percent of respondents said that the topmost benefit of using telematics is a peace of mind knowing where your vehicle is followed by 32% who benefits from route optimization. When asked about cost, almost 36% of the fleet respondents said that fuel was their second largest expense. But only 29% of the people who conducted the survey used the fleet management system to track and lower the consumption of fuel.

A fleet with telematics system can monitor their driver behavior but driver benchmark is a largely untapped area found in the report. According to the survey, 43% of the fleet respondents despite having the tools do not monitor their driver’s behavior. While those who are evaluating their driver’s performance believes if they will reward their driver performance, it will lead to more safety violations whereas 52% believes it will improve driver retention.

Eagle-i provides all these modules to its customers, but the potential use of its vast GPS tracking system such as route optimization and driver behavior depends on its users. For a better experience, one needs to dive in to explore the available modules of Eagle-i.


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