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Jaw Dropping Reparation Costs – A Survey

With the results of the survey published by a private company in the UK, an average mid-sized business is charged £6,000 annually for reparation. Besides this reckoning cost, vehicle’s downtime is another factor affecting the line of work. Among the survey respondents, about half (54%) of them observed an accident in the past year.

Vehicle downtime and reparation cost is a determinative factor for mid-sized business where deadlines are tighter and competition is increasing. With a vehicle downtime losing a clientage to your rival is not the only concern but the prestige of your business is also at stake.

As per the survey, the maintenance cost of the vehicle associated with accidents is the worst nightmare for one-third of the survey respondents. Whereas the top concerns of fleet manager is the driver safety (22%) with speeding the second in a row (19%).

For a business to run smoothly fleet managers are always looking for ways to maintain the safety of drivers. From assuring the proper rest breaks to track the driver behavior, fleet managers need the use of technology.

However, accidents cannot be always avoided especially when another driver is at fault. It was also found that in 29% of the incidents, third parties were found guilty. But to get the insight of an incident, one needs to have a GPS tracking system.

These figures are totally relatable to fleets in Saudi Arabia as major transportation means here are road based and long routes will add up to the reparation costs not otherwise. This survey also sheds light on the importance of using telematics data to understand the patterns in utilization of fleet along with periodic maintenance and respective costs.


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