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Tools for Monitoring Excessive Idling

Realizing the adverse effects of excessive idling, Eagle-I has added following features to address the issue. Now fleet managers have a few more bunch of tools which can help them to nullify excessive idling time.

See the idling vehicles with a single click

  In Eagle-I Analytics Dashboard, now we can see how many total assets are idling:


 Enlist the idling assets

The figures shown above the list are actually interactive buttons. Click on the IDLE ASSETS button, and your asset list will be filtered out, showing only those assets which are idling:

Select an asset from the list, and it will show you on the map where is it idling, and who is the driver.


 Idling Notifications

Under the Notifications tab, Excessive Idling notifications can be assigned to an asset or group of assets. Now there is no need to generate reports to see idling, just assign notifications, and get notified for idling events – runtime.

 Adjust the idling limit as you like

There is nothing hardcoded, so choose the settings that best suits you.

  1. Maximum idling time can be set while generating an idling report

      2. Idling time can be set for Driver Scorecard.

      3. Limit for idling notifications can be set at a category level

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