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How GPS tracking can address the safety concerns of your fleet?

For well-run fleet organizations, the safety of the employee and the assets provided to the employees is of foremost importance. To keep your company on the right track fleet managers implement a wide range of functions such as fuel management, speed monitoring, vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking, driver’s behavior monitoring. But an effective policy also includes the safety management program. Since the safety of a fleet has a direct impact on the profit of the organization.

It is almost near to impossible to keep an eye on each individual driver and asset. While trusting them is also essential when they are behind the wheels. But the monitoring of driver’s behavior is vital since it can affect your business both positively and negatively.  Are you sure they are treating the company’s vehicle properly or they are not speeding and avoiding accidents? If your answer is in negative, then consider the dashboard of Eagle-I offering customized reports on safety-related data. With an insight into driver behavior, you can identify and address those that put the business at stake. When your driver is recklessly behaving on the roads it is not only the safety hazard but can also impact the reputation of your business. Since company vehicles also serve as mobile billboards.

For getting started you can use the following metrics to decide

  • Total finances spent on speeding fines annually.
  • Total number of accidents per year
  • Amount spent for repair after accidents
  • Vehicle downtime
  • The total cost of vehicle maintenance.
  • Fuel cost of each vehicle annually.
  • Total number of vehicle thefts annually  
  • Specific drivers who speed or are prone to accidents
  • Details of good driving behaviors you have seen your drivers demonstrate

If you’re already using vehicle telematics, that’s great you are already ahead of the competition in taking care of your most valuable assets. But does your fleet management solution offers you calculate costs accurately for better inventory control? Having an efficient fleet tracking solution such as Eagle-i, helps you to improve the safety breaches existing in your fleet.

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