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Telematics-a backbone of safe operations

When heavy machinery gets involved in a project, the risk escalates tremendously. The safety of human resource, equipment, and facility becomes the foremost priority for any project manager. In project sites like Mines and tunnels, the risk of losing a human life is very huge. There are multiple reasons and the research shows that most of the accidents happen because machinery operators either gets handicapped by the grey zones or mistakenly enter into restricted areas.

It is unfortunate that most of the heavy machinery contractors consider using telematics as a waste of resources because of the very restricted movement of these machineries on a site. But on the contrary, the telematics offers a lot more than just checking the location of these types of equipment.


Following are a few of the benefits of using telematics for heavy machines:

  1. Heavy machines can be equipped with accurate proximity sensors. These sensors will be linked to a central unit which will sound an alarm if the machine gets closer to a pedestrian or other sensitive equipment. It will provide a 360-degree view to the drivers with 0% grey areas.
  2. Machines can be restricted to go into red zones by using geofences. Virtual boundaries can be created around sensitive areas when an unauthorized vehicle will try to enter These areas and notification will be sent to the supervisors and the vehicle can be halted before time.
  3. Vehicle telematics solutions also offer maintenance scheduling modules. This kind of modules helps the fleet managers keep their machines fully maintained. A well-maintained machine means a safe operation and no or minute downtime. 
  4. Telematics solutions like Eagle- i offers driver behavior monitoring while giving a rating to each driver according to his performance. This results in more attentive drivers and operators.
  5. Telematics solutions also keep an eye on overutilization of a machine and excessive duty hours of an operator. Both of these factors are a safety risk and can be countered by using an efficient telematics system.


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