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Evolvement of telematics: A Road to success

When it comes to a fleet, the question arises where should a fleet manager need to focus? Whether his focus should be to make the operations more efficient or to increase productivity and bring the revenue or to focus on reducing costs?

A manager is expected to keep his focus on all the above-mentioned question. But the question arises how? Now this dream can be turned into a reality by using connected vehicles. Connected vehicles can not only be used to enhance the productivity of the fleet but can also reduce the cost. This is possible when the CRM system integrates with a telematics solution since most of the fleet companies already have a CRM or ERP system. If you are looking for an integrated solution then Eagle-i is the one. Eagle-i has developed API for integrating the telematics solution with the CRM or ERP system. This will not only help in controlling the fleet but also in deploying them, and in calculating ROI of the fleet.

Some of the benefits of the telematics solution integrated with CRM are listed below


  • Customer satisfaction

With an integrated solution you can prioritize the sales or after installation service depending on their importance. Clients with less important issues can be delayed whereas those with immediate attention can be dealt on priority. When an organization is efficient and systematic in its tasks, they are able to satisfy their clients in a better way.


  • Reap the benefit of the system


In a world where technology governs everything, a centralized system is all we need to have our precise focus at one focal point. So we can decide who is best to invest our time and assets at for a productive and cost-effective outcome. These systems not only save time, finances but also keeps you updated and channelizes your data according to your specific solution, maintains and monitors them.


  • Increased efficiency


When you have an insight into your business, knowing what does your customer wants and what do you have to offer them, operations turned to be smoother. With an optimal operation, you can not only satisfy your customers but can also increase your sale hence increasing efficiency.


  • Increased productivity


With an integrated solution you can also assign the drivers, the best available route which will save their time, resulting in a more interaction with a client-creating more chances to the sale and increase productivity.

When telematics is infused with CRM, connectivity becomes a commodity, and the integration of the CRM with fleet operations enhances the productivity.


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