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Fleet work-force management: Perks to be enjoyed.

Have you ever wondered what the benefit of telematics is? Why it has become the necessity of every other fleet organization? According to one estimate, an average over the road fleet spends 20-40% idling time consuming 20% more fuel than required. Moreover, an average of 110 hours per annum is spent by a driver to complete the logbooks, whereas 51 million hours per year are required for cross-checking and storing the record.

You would have come across a number of fleet management companies claiming huge benefits of using telematics with their variety of tools, modules. But using the available extensive data and analytical tools it can be actually proven how it can make an impact.

According to one rough estimate, fleets using fleet management software experienced reduced idling up to 29% in the first month and a further 26% reduction in the second month. Similarly, a considerably decreasing trend in speeding incidents was also observed. Within the first two months, speeding incidents were reduced between 71-153%. The rate of harsh driving also declined up-to 12% in the first month and up to 39% in the following month. Another benefit of using telematics solution is the measurement of utilization of the fleet. Organizations using fleet management software have 33% higher workforce utilization than those who are not using it.

Understanding the perks of fleet management software enables the one to optimize the efficiency of the fleet and achieves the new height.  It is observed that organizations actively measuring fleet performance can actually improve their driver behavior, giving a boost to their efficiency, profitability, and safety.

Benefits of Eagle-i targeted reports cannot be ignored. As daily reporting helps in making necessary changes over time to increase operational efficiency. Eagle-i set the benchmarks through driver’s scorecard and driver’s behavior module to identify the key trends in driving; helping its clients to improve their safety, work rate, and bottom line. 

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