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Grey fleet: 4 vital tips you need to know

Before understanding the pros and cons of a grey fleet, do you know what actually grey fleet is? Driving a private vehicle of an employee for work purpose is known as a grey fleet. Allowing your employee to drive their private cars may put an extra responsibility on your shoulder. Offering this option to your employees brings more legal responsibilities. An organization should adopt a dedicated approach for road safety in terms of moral, financial, environmental and legalities such as valid driving license, valid road tax, and insurance details to avoid having any consequences on an organization. Since many employee’s vehicles fail to meet the safety standards when it comes to the grey fleet.

An organization dealing with grey fleet should develop a policy to control and reduce the cost and risk. Here are some tips for developing grey fleet policy

Record the grey fleet usage

An important step before developing a grey fleet policy one should know the usage of the vehicle. Where it is used and when it is used and in which circumstances it needed to be used? Getting quality data is vital. To confirm grey fleet mileage, record each and every single trip with mileage. This can be done by using telematics.

To ease the burden of such organizations, Eagle-i offers a solution for both commercial and grey fleet. No matter vehicle driven is a part of the company’s fleet or grey fleet, you can access the details of the vehicle through its dashboard. Live tracking, monitoring the driver behavior module and accessing the maintenance record, enables you to fulfill your responsibility with peace of mind.

Develop Traveling Hierarchy

After gathering the data, decide the travel hierarchy. Depending upon the circumstances, usage of single cars can be avoided; pool cars, car clubs or rental services can be an alternative substitute. Grey fleet traveling should be approved in advance. 

Set the standards.

Set the minimum vehicle standards for the vehicle to be used as a grey fleet, meeting safety ratings, required safety features, vehicle age recommended by the government.

Communicate the policy

Once the grey fleet policy is formulated, it should be communicated at all levels to ensure the smooth operations.



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