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Know why you need to track your rental assets.

In today’s world where there is software for every need, it is quite eye-opening to see that rental assets are managed and tracked through log sheets and spreadsheets. But the question arises why?  Surely they are affordable and have been in use for quite a time but this can hurt your business in the long run.

Your assets are a vital part of your business. Knowing when and where it is used, how often it is used and who uses it, is necessary to make an effective strategy for managing your assets in the future. Besides this, there is always a risk for an equipment to be stolen or lost by the renter. But now you can track your rental assets with Eagle-i. Eagle-i offers a unique GPS tracker for your equipment, which will help you in managing your inventory and in keeping a track of your rented asset.

You can not only track your asset but can also deploy your assets at multiple locations depending on demand. For example, if there is a high demand at place A but a low demand at place B, what will you do? How you will divide your assets between them? With Eagle-i, you can have precise and up-to-date data about the usage of your asset. Depending on the demand you can deploy them where they are most needed. Another important feature offered by Eagle-i is that you can track the maintenance of your asset by using the data.

Most of the rental companies, rent their assets on operational hours of an equipment rather than the number of days. Though it is more difficult to calculate the precise operational hours of an asset but thanks to Eagle-i which made it possible. Now you can calculate the exact operational hours of your assets.

Eagle-i offers the geofencing feature. With this feature, you can create a boundary for an asset to work. When an asset will be moved out of this boundary or is used after specified hours, an alert will be issued to notify the corresponding bodies. This will not only prevent the potential theft but will also be beneficial in preventing the excessive use of equipment.

A little forward-thinking in adopting digital tool tracking solutions will result in higher returns on investment.


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