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Tailgating: Contributing to one third of accidents in UK.

Perhaps we are living in a world where everyone is in a hurry and society as a whole has turned out to be more self-important that we are short of driving etiquettes. A trend of raising a hand to say thank you or to apologize for unintentional mistake seems to be declined to lead to road rages.

Recently an insurance firm conducted a survey about road rage in U.K. The survey was conducted on 1,726 drivers which cause them to experience road rage. Tailgating was one of the topmost reason found for road rage. Tailgating is an act where a driver drives too close to the vehicle in front without leaving enough safety gap recommended between two cars. Generally, it is recommended to leave a gap of two seconds on dry roads and distance is doubled on wet roads.

The research states tailgating to be responsible for one-third of casualties on road. Tailgating is considered a distraction which not only distracts the driver from the road ahead but also victimizes the driver by making them feel targeted. Collisions resulting from tailgating can be proved to be fatal for drivers of both vehicles.  

Another factor contributing to the road rage is the use of mobile phones (45%), changing lanes without using indicators (38%), lane swerving (33%), or lane hogging (30%).

If you are one of them who had experienced a road rage, instead of antagonizing them please assess your driving. Were you driving too slowly? Or was the other driver at fault? Try to drive at the constant speed while giving others an opportunity to pass or let them know by using indicators. Maybe they are also unaware of their driving.


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