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Are you ready to encounter this weather with telematics solution?

Saudi Arabia is raining and poring this week! Driving during rain can be either exhilarating or depressing depending on your driving style. While all conditions cannot be overcome but with using telematics solution such as Eagle-i, inconvenience can be avoided ahead of time.

We all know how traffic congestions and physical obstacles due to bad weather can play an important role in delays and disruptions. The problem is getting worse with increasing adverse weathers events. However, delays can be avoided and deliveries can be made on time if we have the real-time data of weather and road conditions.

Eagle-I helps you in getting the real-time data of driving conditions saving your time and fuel. Knowing the driving conditions and adjusting the route according to it will also increase your safety. With intelligent route planning and optimization modules, Eagle-I helps you in designing and assigning routes to increase the safety, efficiency, and productivity even in unexpected weather conditions.

If you choose to head out into showers, consider following safety tips before driving on wet roads.

  • Avoid using rear fog light as it will dazzle the driver behind you besides masking your own brake lights.
  • Maintain the distance from the front vehicle, as the distance increases in the wet.
  • Avoid fast-moving vehicle, their spray can reduce your visibility.
  • To enhance your vehicle visibility make use of dipped headlights.

With a changing weather, one needs to change the driving style. One possible change is to avoid fast driving in flooded areas as you are unaware of the road depth and it will also lead to losing contact between road and tires besides swiping away your vehicle.  

Adapting the conditions, staying calm and taking your time are key to drive safely in any weather.


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