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What is route optimization?

While running a commercial fleet we often think of the best practical route for a vehicle to take, based on a number of destinations, fleet size, costs. No matter the size of the fleet, the goal of every fleet management company is to do more work with less mileage and fewer resources. This goal can be achieved by using route optimization. It is the process of determining the most cost-effective route by using a complex algorithm that is based on two famous problems i.e. the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP).

Route optimization seems to be a simple case of determining the best shortest route between two points but it is not that simple for multiple stops! Let us consider if you have a single vehicle traveling from one point to another point i.e. a single stop route, navigation apps such as google map may seem best to you but what happens if you need to plan the route of a single vehicle for 5 stops? Or for a fleet of five vehicles having 10 stops.  

As the number of stops increases the number of possible routes goes up exponentially. For example, a single vehicle having 5 stops has 120 possible routes. Adding more vehicles makes routing more complex.

Number of vehicles Number of stops per vehicle Number of route possibilities
1 5 120
1 10 3,628,800
5 10 37,267,043,023,296,000

This is why route optimization is mostly performed by computer algorithms which can quickly minimize the options considering other factors such as number of turns or intersections along the route, left-hand turns (crossing the line of traffic), best or nearest driver to dispatch on the route, traffic congestion for current time of day, best approach (access) to a stop on the route.

Benefits of using Route optimization?

When you have to in-cooperate such complication, then implementing of route optimization of Eagle-I is the answer to these real-world problems. By implementing our route optimization solution following advantages can be achieved

  1. Reduced fuel cost
  2. Reduce overtime costs
  3. Reduced planning time
  4. Reduced windshield time
  5. The higher on-time arrival rate
  6. Increased customer satisfaction
  7. Higher operational efficiencies


Eagle l is proud to be one of few systems utilizing the special search engine for route optimization.
For more information on the automated route optimization, please call Mr. Jamal +966 56 638 7859 or write us at news@dms-ksa.com.


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