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Seat belts save lives. Buckle up every time.

Despite the high rate of fatalities linked with traffic accidents, people choose to put themselves at risk by ignoring the use of seat belt. No matter how many safety features (such as backup cameras, lane departure prevention systems) are offered in your vehicle, none of them will be as critical for the safety of passenger as using a seat belt. The airbag is not the substitute for a seat belt. It is of significant importance when combined with wearing a seat belt in minimizing the injuries. Moreover, an accident without buckling up may lead to partial claim money from insurance.

According to an estimate, 35,000 people die in car crashes every year. Among them, 50 percent could survive if they wore their seat belts. To decrease the number of deaths associated with traffic accidents, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia amended the traffic regulations to penalize the drivers in case of violation. According to this new amendment, if the motorist is found to be guilty of not wearing a seat belt he will be fined SAR150-300. Safety belts can reduce the fatalities by 60-70% and injuries by 50% when used properly.

Recognizing the importance of safety, Eagle-I offers seat belt monitoring. Eagle-I encourages the use of seat belt to keep your asset, driver safe along with other people on the road. In-fact fleet managers can ensure the wearing of the seat belt with our seat belt notification. It provides the comprehensive overview about the usage of the seat belt with their notification alerts and reports about the buckled up and unbuckled events; helping you in identifying the drivers who repeatedly failed to observe the wearing of the seat belt.

Wear the seat belt as an essential part of your driving routine. Make safety a habit. The next time you get in a car, remember to buckle up to save yourself for your family and loved one.

Remember wearing a seat belt is the law, not an option!


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