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You own your vehicle but who owns your vehicle data?

An independent market research company Ipsos conducted an online survey on behalf of the Auto Care Association (ACA) between Aug. 22 and Aug. 30. Almost 4,600 drivers in the U.S took part in this survey. To the astonishment, a wide misconception was revealed. Almost three-quarters respondents were unaware of the idea of telematics. What telematics is, how their data is used, who owns this data and how privacy being not interrupted by using telematics. This survey was focused on control of vehicle data and maintenance.

According to this survey, 71% of respondents had a misconception that the vehicle owner has access to driver and vehicle data while 59% believed that vehicle manufacturer has access to the vehicle data and 44% assumed dealership have access to this data. Moreover, 45% of respondents incorrectly assume that this data is owned by a vehicle owner which clearly depicts the lack of awareness of telematics.

Ironically, when survey respondents were asked about the telematics, 72% were unaware of it. Once provided with a definition, 63% of respondents still said they were not very or not at all familiar with telematics.

When it comes to controlling of telematics, the vast majority — 88% — of consumers surveyed believe a vehicle’s owner should decide who has access to this data, even though only vehicle manufacturers currently have direct access to telematics data.


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