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Why does your business even need route planning software?

When you have an extensive network of destinations, then manual route planning is neither an efficient option nor practical to be considered. Depending on the complexity of your routes, geography, customer expectations, budget and so on – every decision is crucial, and if it’s the wrong one, it can have undesirable effects to the revenue of the company and customer satisfaction. Today the corporate world needs organizations that are cost-effective, both in terms of time and fuel.

But if you are confused to invest in route optimization, then you should answer these questions before investing in the optimization of routes

  • How are you currently planning your routes?
  • How much time is consumed by optimizing your routes?
  • What is the average cost of the route your company is bearing in terms of time, fuel, mileage?
  • What is the average time consumed by drivers per route?
  • In the case of rescheduled routes, how it is handled and communicated to drivers and clientele without affecting the delivery time of others?

A specifically designed solution for route optimization such as Eagle-i is capable of answering these questions and will be beneficial for different aspects of your business.

With eagle-I route optimization software, you can create planned routes within seconds along with task details at each waypoint. This customized routes can be created by simply providing the starting and ending points of your journey and the route will be pushed to the driver through specifically designed mobile applications. Eagle-i provides a functionality through which drivers can also send feedback related to each task. 

The only advantage of route optimization is not the saving of fuel. But there are many other advantages of optimized route planning, listed below, which will be beneficial for your company.

  1. Keeps your drivers organized, updated ahead of time and less frustrated.
  2. Easy Access to the live location of your driver without calling him.
  3. Prevents the misuse of the vehicle.
  4. Increase the life of your asset.
  5. Minimize the undue overtime costs.

Our route optimization is not only used by sale persons but is equivalently used by the healthcare professional, field service management companies, logistics and distribution firms which not only save their time and fuel but also increase their customer satisfaction.


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