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Telematics: More than Just Cost Savings

In the current economic recession of the country, everyone is looking for ways to save, and it’s always well advised to make sure you get the most for what you paid. Investing in a telematics service such as Eagle-I might seem tough in current economic condition. But re-upping for such a service may actually save your money. Use of telematics has not only proved to be helpful in reducing the collision rate but also helps in lessening the depreciation of the residual value of your asset. Since depreciation of the fleet is not only the major expenditure but is also responsible for decreasing the resale value of your asset. A safe driving fleet cannot only keep your assets safe but can also reduce the fatalities. With the advancement in technology, telematics has been implemented for more than one reason. No matter whether you are running an organization of fleet, or you are running an insurance business or a parent of a teenager who loves to drift, or you have a fear of a car to be stolen. Implementation of the telematics solution will answer your all concerns.

Organization managing their fleet with telematics is not only able to audit the miles driven but can also reduce the collision incidents up to 43%, with lower downtime of damaged cars. Resulting in a more reliable service with more precise arrival time. It is also observed fleet management solution have saved 26% of the fleet insurance money. Despite this, a significant reduction in over speeding was also observed.  

Being a manager of a fleet organization implementing safe driving policies are never enough alone. Scrutiny of your drivers is also need of the hour. There is a psychological effect when a driver knows a tracker has been fitted to their vehicle. Knowing your driving is monitored, automatically makes a driver adapt safer driving behavior. Eagle-i measures the driver performance through driver’s behavior module and gives them individual score depending on their performance. Each trip is scored against the individual driver which can be accessed through the dashboard in “Scorecard”.

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