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How telematics can be beneficial for supply chain?

We as a community have become more demanding than ever before. A few years back 15% of the market demand fast delivery and by then fast delivery meant to be 2-3 working days.  Same day delivery was something that was not even an option to be considered back then and its attainability was once considered to be an evolutionary step to be achieved. But with the on growing demands and expectations, same day delivery which was not even considered is achieved now. But with a great power comes the great responsibility.

Today we live in a 24/7/ 365 world, where we are always working and every minute we spent is priceless. People value their time more than money. According to statistics 61% of people in the U.S, who shop online are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. In this situation where you can’t put your customers on hold for extended periods of time where they expect their delivery to be on the same day and is willing to pay more, it is out of question to have a business without knowing the where your shipment is.

Telematics is the tomorrow’s technology today. It offers you the data that you need to manage and optimize your shipment. With its real-time data you can mitigate the possible disruptions in supply chain. Whether the disruptions may be due to weather conditions or traffic conditions, having the visibility allows you to manage the delivery properly and helps to adapt accordingly.

Moreover implementing the telematics solutions such as Eagle-I helps you in computing the predicted delivery time and in developing the proper route to minimize the number of trips, in result leading to reduced fuel consumption. Eagle-I helps you in keeping an eye on the bottom line to enhance the productivity, efficiency, and profitability by reducing the fuel consumption with efficient tracking, routing, geo-fencing, and the ability to notify the idling.


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