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How weather forecasting can be helpful in improving asset utilization?

As a fleet management personnel, one knows how weather can be a game-changing factor. From reducing your productivity to delayed delivery time, weather can impose the substantial penalty to your organization’s bottom line. In 2017, the middle east region faced heavy rain and climate disasters resulting in a lost cargo, delivery delays, reduced productivity. But with the changing technology, these disasters can be overcome by integrating weather into telematics resulting in on-time delivery, hence keeping your fleet on schedule.


What is weather telematics?

Weather telematics is the integration of weather data-using Doppler radar- to the road maps, predicting road condition based on advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology for safer, connected and autonomous transportation. With such platform traffic congestions can be reduced, road hazards can be notified, and dynamic routing can be done.

When you have the knowledge of the weather in combination with the visibility to the road condition, decision making will be more easy and quick. Movement of shipment can be restrained depending upon the weather condition to avoid spoilage. For instance, if the shipment consists of food, long delays in reaching the destination or inadequate storage condition may waste the entire lotte resulting in a huge loss occurring financially and in terms of carbon emission. But when a fleet manager is informed of upcoming weather condition, shipment can be averted and redirected to the less risky area.

With the insight about the weather, fleet managers and dispatchers can adjust the route depending on the condition, hence keeping drivers and cargo safe.



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