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Ministry of Transport: Made another effort to raise road safety level

The Ministry of Transport announced 8 road safety projects worth 773 million riyals to reduce road traffic fatalities. These road safety project will cover the road network of more than 68 thousand km. This project is a part of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 to make roads safer and to reduce the traffic deaths.

The Ministry pointed out that these projects come within 23 projects that the Ministry intends to implement during the 3 years at a cost of about 2.2 billion riyals. Moreover, Ministry indicated that the implementation of these projects will contribute in reducing the number of deaths due to traffic accidents on the roads, in addition to providing the equivalent of 4.4 billion SR per annum of the volume of material losses of accidents.

The contract of the projects signed by the Ministry will include the Engineering Consultancy Services Agreement to raise safety standards on the road; three projects for road safety equipment, three projects for warning vibration and the project for the establishment and operation of the National Road Safety Center was signed.

These projects include the installation of a fence or high-tensile wire on roads, equipped with safety elements such as gates, animal traps, reflective signs and signs on animal transit areas. It will also include the project for providing protective barriers to road-based lighting poles in Saudi Arabia, as well as the supplying some dangerous intersections and areas, with lighting and rotary protection barriers.

It is worth mentioning that the outputs of the Engineering Consulting Services Agreement, which the Ministry has been implementing since late 2017 and continues for three years, revealed the Ministry’s roads, critical sites, and traffic diversions. They identified the black points, followed up the traffic safety initiative projects, and analyze the incident report information, updated the guidelines and specifications of the General Safety Department at the Ministry of Transport.

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