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Is your fleet ready for winter?

Although the sun is still shining but chilly mornings have started to creep in. This is the time of year to get your vehicles prepared for the upcoming weather change. Here are some of the tips to keep your fleet on the road, mitigate the downtime and increase the vehicle’s life.

Limit idling

Many of us would have come across a myth in our life that idling helps in warming up the car. For some this idling is limited to few minutes while for other drivers warming up the asset can take an hour or so. But according to recent studies, modern vehicle requires 30-60 seconds for warming up. Anything other than this is the wastage of time and fuel leading to hazardous environmental effects. Eagle-I allows the fleet managers to monitor the idling and reduce the consumption of fuel.

Schedule a Maintenance

Since winter is around the corner. This weather’s extreme condition can be harmful to the vehicle’s health. To avoid the breakdown of vehicle plan a winter maintenance program with Eagle-I. Some of the useful practices can be

  1. Make sure air and oil filters are clean
  2. Lights are working properly
  3. Engine’s cooling system is working properly
  4. Make sure wiper blades are not dull
  5. Make sure your brake pads are in working condition
  6. Make sure to inspect your spark plugs and clean or replace them if needed.

Inspect the Tire health

The drop in temperature can cause a serious damage to the tire. Tire pressure should be checked regularly to ensure the proper tire pressure. As improperly inflated tire can cause the reduced grip on the road.

Stay Fueled

Fuel tanks should never be left below one half of tank. As water vapors will be collected in the bottom of the tank which can be drawn into the fuel line and freeze; preventing the engine to start.

Battery Check

Check your battery before the arrival of winter as this is the most common failure during months. An average lifespan of a battery is approximately four years but extreme weather conditions can cause early dismal. If your battery is a four-year mark, swap your battery before the temperature drops.

Don’t forget your drivers

Your driver is your fleet’s most important asset. Don’t forget your drivers. Make sure your drivers are safe, warm and comfortable in the vehicle. Check the heaters and equip your asset with an emergency kit consisting of water, road flares, a fire extinguisher, reflective triangles, jumper cable, high visibility jacket along with food and first aid.

Fleets operating without fleet management software may find hard to track and remind this maintenance. Eagle-I offers fleet maintenance program with alerts and notifications to prevent the downtime of your fleet and avoid accidents.  


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