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How traffic congestion is affecting the productivity of fleet?

Can you remember the last time your driver told you he was stuck in traffic and couldn’t arrive at the time? Hopefully not much longer ago, was it? Traffic congestion is a real problem but it also being used by drivers as an excuse for their irresponsible behavior.

Where increased congestion is a sign of economic growth there it is also responsible for increasing the fuel consumption, travel cost, delayed arrival time making you more frustrated. Stuck in traffic congestion not only keeps the business’s reputation at stake but also produces a negative impact on the productivity of the fleet.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) annually the truck industry is bearing the cost of traffic congestion over $63 billion in America alone. This cost includes the wasted fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and driver’s overtime. Traffic congestions not only add to the delays but is also accountable for the increased pollution level. Reducing and controlling the operational is always the top priority of any organization. Fleet managers are expected to improve the efficiency of the fleet while returning the quick yield. Investing in the right fleet management solution that can provide you the insight of routes and optimizes them can save money that impacts the company’s bottom line. Eagle-I not only provides the real-time traffic data but helps you in optimizing the routes and helps you in choosing the less congested route.

Now fleet managers can save money, time, fuel by making informed decisions about choosing the right route at tracking dashboard of Eagle-I.  With traffic layers on the dashboard, you can monitor the current traffic conditions on the road. Not only this Eagle-I also suggests the alternative routes with less congestion giving you the power to decide ahead of time.

When you have the power to decide ahead of time, your productivity increases, making your stress level low. This also tends to decrease the traffic in backup, hence beneficial for the drivers on that route.  


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