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Eagle-I Weather Layer

The weather has a direct impact on any fleet, so considering the factor and its effects, Eagle-I has added great functionality in its Tracking Platform. It is called Weather Layer.

With weather layer enabled, you can see the current weather conditions of any part of the country, so enabling you to decide whether it is feasible to dispatch your fleet to an area. This is a unique and distinctive feature of eagle-I which gives you head-start in your daily fleet administration.

How to Enable Weather Layer?


Go to Tracking Dashboard:


At the bottom right corner, click on the cloud icon:


Once enabled, you will see the current weather conditions of all the major cities:

Clicking on weather balloon will open a detail panel, providing further weather information like Temperature, Humidity, Clouds, Wind Speed.


You can also access the weather of different regions and small cities by zooming into the map and clicking on ‘Refresh Weather’ button:


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