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IoT: Connecting virtual world with physical world

We are well aware of the Internet of Computers, where our computers, laptops, and smartphones are all connected together and sharing information continuously. We are sending messages, receiving emails, sharing pictures, posting on social media, seamlessly because of the Internet of Computers.

It is not long ago when the concept of connecting the virtual world with the physical world came into being. Since the creation of the internet, several significant advancements in technologies have taken place. The ‘connection’ of the virtual world to the physical reality with the help of sensors and cloud computing has unleashed the door to the next industrial revolution.

It is assumed that every two years, computing power, data transmission bandwidth, and storage capacity is doubled. IoT revolves around the idea that if any device is capable it should be connected with other devices. With this idea, we have an infinite number of opportunities to monitor, automate and enhance the experience of making operations smart, efficient and cost-effective.

The connected devices can be vehicles collecting data about their engine health, or about the traffic in vicinity or a house automation system controlling lights or it can be cold storages or server rooms where temperature and humidity are being maintained. Internet of things (IoT) will not only increase efficiency but productivity while improving health and safety, creating better experiences. In a largely uncharted category of technology, one thing is absolutely certain, that the world we used to know is soon changing.

We are at the surface of the potential of IoT and to explore it more we need to dive in. The internet of things has the potential that needs to be explored yet. If we want to tackle the challenges in this industrial age then we need to keep pace with the current developments. Understanding the potential of IoT and implementing them is essential for the success of any business.


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