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Distracted driving crashes leads to 48% of fatalities in young drivers.

According to the study conducted by Ohio State University’s Risk Institute, collisions caused by distracted driving on highways are 49% more severe. The distracted driving collisions are more fatal than severe in a rear end or angle crash. This high rate of collision severity indicates that roadway design needs to be modified and improved in terms of safety.

The study also indicated that severity of distracted driving crashes also depends on road settings. For instance, distracted driving crashes occurring in work zones are proved to be twice likely more fatal. Moreover, other factors impacting the frequency of distracted driving collisions are the length of a roadway segment or the number of lanes.

The survey revealed that roundabouts played an important role in reducing the severity of crashes related to distracted driving. In the year 2013-2017, the areas with roundabouts had no fatal crashes. Moreover, another noteworthy information that unveiled the factor of reducing the severity of these crashes were asphalt pavement shoulders within the roadways.

According to the unpublished paper of the Wall Street Journal, the research team analyzed 1.4 million police records obtained from the Ohio Department of Transportation for crashes that occurred between 2013 and 2017. Most of the victims of distracted driving were caused by in-vehicle distraction resulting in 48% of the total crashes. The drivers that fall victims of this distraction were young ranging the age group of 20-24 years.

The results of the survey indicate that there were 35% more fatalities and 23% more serious injuries caused by distracted driving in Ohio between 2003-2013. However, currently, these stats have been dropped to 18% for fatalities and 16% for serious injuries.


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