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Telematics, law and your excuse?

Organizations depending on the fleet of vehicles know how they play an important role in their bottom line. Operating a fleet is a matter of significant importance. Telematics solution was implemented by many companies considering the importance of operations and the costs involved. But now it is no more optional in the US with the new executive orders of Trump.

US government had passed an executive order for fleet operations. As per the orders, the fleet organizations will be bound to have an implementation of telematics and federal executives will review the existing federal vehicle fleet requirements. Moreover, according to the executive order (E.O. 13834), the federal executives will determine the ways for optimizing fleet performance, how to reduce the cost and streamline reporting and compliance requirements. However, law enforcement, protective, emergency response, or military tactical fleets may be exempt from the provisions of the executive order. So what’s your excuse for not implementing the telematics solution?

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