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OBD II Data Integration

Almost all the vehicles manufactured in the last 20 years are equipped with OBD Socket, through which vehicle diagnostic data can be accessed. There are multiple parameters that may be available on this port depending on the vehicle model, maker, and year of manufacture. Following is the list of parameters that can be accessed through the OBD socket. Some advanced vehicles may offer more parameters:


Type Unit
Number of DTC  
Engine Load %
Coolant Temperature C
Short Fuel Trim %
Intake MAP kPa
Engine RPM rpm
Vehicle Speed km/h
Timing Advance degree
Intake Air Temperature C
Throttle Position %
Runtime Since Engine Start s
Distance Travelled MIL ON km
Time Run with MIL ON min
Fuel Level %
Distance Travelled Since Codes Clear km
Biometric Pressure kPa
Control Module Voltage mV
Absolute Load Value %
Ambient Air Temperature C


Eagle-I Fleet Management System with its advanced technology is now capable of fetching this data through vehicles’ OBD socket and providing diagnostics on its platform via detailed OBD Report. Each record also includes the time and location data, which means if you see high engine temperature value, you can find out when and where it happened and take necessary measures.


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