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What happens when OBD meets telematics?

How would you feel if you receive an instant alert in case of malfunctioning of your asset or even when your asset is facing some technical issues?  Not only has this but you also had online access to the previous maintenance and services availed data. Wouldn’t it be helpful in deciding what action should be taken at any moment?

With the new innovations, the telematics industry has reached new heights with each passing day. Not long ago people used to fantasize what would it look like if they have the ability to track their vehicle. Today it is not only possible with GPS tracking system but it gives you a lot more insight about your asset such as location of the vehicle, monitoring of the speed of the vehicle, driver behavior, fuel consumption etc..

But the actual masterstroke was made when onboard diagnostics (OBD) data was integrated with the GPS tracking solution. With this new integration, engine’s diagnostic data is directly read and uploaded on the server which is then linked with telematics solution’s web portal. OBD is the automotive electronic systems that cater to the self-diagnosis of the vehicle communicates the information for performance monitoring and future repairs.

Eagle-I now offers you OBD II data integration. With this data integration, you can not only diagnosis the engine problems but can also have access to other information such as engine revolutions, vehicle speed, fault codes, fuel usage. This integration allows the fleet managers to not only monitor their asset but also their performance. There are several benefits of vehicle tracking and fleet management solution but it is only possible when you have invested in the right solution.

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