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How to save money while managing your fleet?

Managing a fleet effectively and efficiently is an uphill struggle that every fleet manager confronts every day. From managing a fleet operation to the routine wear and tear of assets, there are so many expenses to consider. This brings up the question then how to maintain costs while keeping service levels up where they need to be.

To celebrate our 12 years of buoyant endurance in the fleet industry, we have compiled 12 hints and tips about how to reduce the operational cost of the fleet while maintaining the service up to the mark.


  • Prevent unauthorized usage.

As per the estimate, 84% of fleet drivers use their vehicle at unauthorized locations such as home, restaurants, shopping malls etc. This may not seem huge but adding up all those extra miles of your fleet may form a considerable portion of your budget. To control the unauthorized usage of the fleet, Eagle-I offers you Geo-fencing system. Geo-fence allows you to create a virtual boundary and prevents the unauthorized usage of the asset while notifying you.


  • Minimize the idling time.

Excessive idling isn’t just an expensive practice but it causes twice the wear and tear of the asset than driving at normal speed. Discourage the unnecessary idling as it is not only responsible for wasting fuel but also increases the maintenance costs. To nullify excessive idling, Eagle-I has added a tool for monitoring idling time. It issues an alert after a specific period of idling moreover you can generate a report based on idling hours of your whole fleet.


  • Pour it on preventive maintenance.

Maintenance of fleet has a large impact on the overall company’s finances. One of the best practice to cut the cost of the fleet is to ensure the vehicle health by practicing regular preventing maintenance. To keep the track of these maintenances, Eagle-I offers you maintenance and service module. This module not only prevents you from maintaining the log but also notifies you when the next maintenance is scheduled.


  • Choose optimized routes

Have you ever wondered why route optimization is important for fleet organizations? Since deliveries and traveling is an integral part of their business activity. When your fleet is traveling around, it is very necessary to optimize your routes to overcome thousands of extra miles. With Eagle-I Route management and optimization you can not only streamline the traveling but can also cut the fuel cost.


  • Cut traffic violations

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to your asset and driver. Training and educating your driver how to drive safely will contribute to both the environment and safety of your assets and employee. Another benefit of safe driving is no more speed tickets or seat belt fines. With Eagle-I, you can monitor how your driver behaves i.e. speeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration on road. Moreover, Eagle-I notifies you about seat belt buckling. You can check the status of seat belt from Driver’s dashboard.


  • Monitor Driver behavior.

According to the statistics 94% car crashes are caused by human error. How do you define human error? Human error is the behavior of driver on the road. Majority of these car crashes are because of over speeding, road rage, drained energy, and distractions behind the wheel. Tracking your vehicle is not enough if you cannot monitor how your drivers behave on road. Eagle-I provides you advanced insight into your driver on road activities such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering, and harsh acceleration or what was the status of the seat belt while he was driving. Moreover, eagle-I issues a real-time alert in case of the violation so you can follow up with your safety concerns to the driver.


  • Fuel card

Choosing a fuel card can be an effective way to reduce cost as it reduces the risk of fraudulent fuel claims. Moreover, Eagle-I provides monthly or quarterly fuel usage based report that gives the insight with ease to control your budget.


  • Accident Management

Since car accidents litigations are governed by the state laws and for investigation and proving yourself innocent one needs to provide proper witnesses and proofs to prove. It is very important to know how it happened, why it happened and what the causes were. Rebuilding as much information as possible is vital to take the necessary action. Eagle-I accident reconstruction report will not only be beneficial in analyzing the situation of the accident but it can also be used to prevent accidents in the future by observing the pattern. Moreover, this information can also help you in claiming your insurance.


  • Ensure your fleet partner is a ‘good fit’

For finding the best fleet management solution, one needs to identify their specific needs and goals. Determining the modality to be improved is of foremost improvement. It can be (fuel reduction cost, driver’s behavior monitoring, live tracking etc.). The best approach is to work out what you would like to achieve by adopting a system and communicating it your potential vendor.

Vehicle tracking and fleet management-buyer guide is compiled by Digital Myth Solutions experts that will help you in finding the right solution and will provide you the assistance in what to expect from vendors and how to implement the solution successfully. Request the free access to the Vehicle tracking and fleet management-buyer guide by writing an email at news@dms-ksa.com


  • Driver training

To implement the cost-reduction of fleet operation efficiently it is critical to convey the importance the safe driving behavior and a good score on Driver’s scorecard. As Eagle-I score the driver based on their individual performances on Driver scorecard, which can be compared with other drivers to reward the practicing safe driver behavior.


  • Outsourced fleet administration

Organizing your fleet besides your other business activities is the burden that looms day to day affecting your daily operation. To off-load your huge chunk outsource your fleet administration to the third party. Investing in third-party fleet management is a good option as it will not only implement and manage a planned maintenance program but will monitoring and optimizing driver behaviors with real-time tracking.


  • Look for the hidden costs

While running a fleet there are several hidden operations that are costing you it can be paying too much for vehicle or vehicle consuming too much fuel are all hard dollars that a fleet manager can capture with an effective fleet management solution.

But most importantly this is more of a mindset than an action point but should not be neglected. Engage your employees when it comes to reduce the fleet costs, ask their suggestions. Keeping the communication window open is necessary for operating a well-managed and efficient fleet.


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